Contribution during Biannual Academic Forum on 11th of January 2018

The P.I.E. (Productization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) was the theme for Spring 2018 Academic Forum held on the DMC, Dubai on the 11th of January 2018. A galaxy of professionals from UAE, USA and diversified professionals from HCT presented on P.I.E. related topics and the knowledge sharing and learning take-aways were of the top draw.

Yours truly presented on the topic titled, “How can Teaching and Learning at HCT promote PIE-Job Seeker Vs. Job Provider Approach.

It was great to network with peers from more than 50 nationalities and it is indeed moments filled with pride to be part of HCT family.



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Contribution during Research Day on the 10th of January 2018

It was indeed fascinating to present during the research day on the 10th of January 2018, immediately after spending a refreshing winter vacation in India. Yours truly presented on ways of collaborating with local companies to develop learning resources that are localized in nature, in the form of case studies, illustrations, operation work-outs and live projects. It was well received by the August audience comprising of academicians representing different domains as well as academic administrators, of different nationalities and diverse experience profile. The other presentations were equally good on a wide range of topics.

Certificate Big one in JPEGPic

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2nd Year in Succession Mentored my Team as Top Finalists in SHRM MENA Case Study Competition @ Dubai

It was indeed a real pleasure to mentor the undergraduate team(Bachelor’s Level) to mentor and become one of the top four teams in the SHRM MENA Case Study Competition. The first round was a case analysis that had a total of 12 teams, out of which the top four went into the finals, for presenting the finding. The team mentored by yours truly was among them. Thanks to the employer as well as the mentees who had been simply outstanding!

SHRM Certificate Dr Manishankar Chakraborty

The SHRM MENA Mentoring Certificate can be seen by clicking on the link below-

SHRM Certificate Dr Manishankar Chakraborty


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Papers presented @ Region 8 ACBSP Fall 2017 Conference, Marrakech, Morocco

It was great to attend and present two papers during the Region 8 ACBSP Fall 2017 Conference, held in Palm Plaza, Marrakech, Morocco, from the 1st of November 2017 to 4th of November 2017. The experience was great as there was an opportunity to learn from peers representing USA, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Middle-east and North Africa (MENA) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The papers hovered around various aspects of student learning and development. There were workshops, panel discussion and innovation competition for the students of Africa.

Yours truly presented two papers, titled, “A hypothetical case study on transforming student success through recruitment, retention and reentry” and “Transforming student success through recruitment, retention and reentry”. The cross fertilization of ideas and peer learning were of the highest order. The experience gathered while being a peer reviewer before the event just added to the overall learning takeaways.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to HCT for permitting and sponsoring the participation and to the organizers for the great hospitality in a great country, place and resort!

The certificates, event details and confirmation of the acceptance of paper can be seen/downloaded from the links below-

All Certificates

Conference Itinerary

Paper acceptance letter

One of the presentation can be seen by clicking on the link below-


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Research Gate

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Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study published in the Journal Management Today, September 2017 Issue

A case study on strategic management has been published in the Journal, Management Today, Vol.7, No.3, July-September 2017 Issue. The Journals details are, ISSN 2348-3989 (Online), ISSN 2230-9764 (Print), Indexed by CrossRef, International Society Indexing (ISI) and International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF), with an Impact Factor 1.532.

The soft copy of the printed journal can be downloaded from the link below-

Management Today, Vol.7, No.3, July_September 2017_Soft Copy

The original source of the journal is-

The complete journal can be downloaded from the link below-

Management Today, Vol.7, No.3, July_September 2017_Combined File

You can also read the PDF version by clicking on the link  below or the JPEG pages pasted below-

Article Published in Journal Management Today, dated September 2017

Article Published in Journal Management Today, dated September 2017-1Article Published in Journal Management Today, dated September 2017-2Article Published in Journal Management Today, dated September 2017-3Article Published in Journal Management Today, dated September 2017-4

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Article on “Mother” and her importance in the life of her wards, published in TripuraInfo

An expressive write-up on the importance of mother for her children. A fact for all of humanity, despite the diversity people have.

The article has been published in TripuraInfo (Original Source can be seen in this link- ) , a leading news portal of the state of Tripura, Agartala, India.

Read the PDF version by clicking on the link below or see the JPEG format or the original text pasted below.

TripuraInfo Article on Maa

TripuraInfo Article on Maa-1TripuraInfo Article on Maa-2TripuraInfo Article on Maa-3


Behind every success of HIM, it is only SHE!

Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty



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She is the power for everything you do well in life, she is the creator and architect of everything nice you learn, she is the basis of your self-belief, and she is the unselfish soul that would only look for your interest, just to see you happy and established in every walk of life! The time to realize all these during her lifetime is difficult or rather challenging, as small things having magnified importance in our lives, often tend to make her presence dissolute, till we realize that her true significance. Probably, by then it’s too late! Life is cruel and we humans tend to make it even crueler though our actions, mental ‘false’ beliefs, assumptions based on hearsay, by being hypocritical and the like. The important role played by such souls do reverberate even during the lifetime of those superhuman, but they resonate faster, at a quick frequency, only when they are gone from the radar, forever! The painful phase dawns soon after that and one starts to realize the good things that happened, courtesy that soul, who was pivotal in shaping up our persona, our destiny, our life, our tomorrow, by sacrificing her today, till she was alive. Seldom do we realize that her strictest possible jibes at us were for our own good, rather we take them on with a vengeance and try to settle score through verbal volleys, just to prove a point to her that we are now grown-ups. At times we fall into the trap of other close acquaintances, relatives or new found love in the form of spouses, just to prove her wrong, by putting the new relation or that new individual on a pedestal. She looks with a pity on her face without uttering a single word, thinking and pondering on her own, with countless questions, she might not have visualized, while she was shaping our ‘everything’ right from the time we were in her womb. The sacrifices she made throughout her life starts to lose the real sheen when we get settled in our lives with toppings like accolades, prosperity and happiness coming from other quarters.

Little do we understand then, that all these positivity happening around us has a direct or an indirect semblance with her aura and her magical actions that has been a part of our life story, since the time we were born! We ignore the past, forget the facts and try to hallucinate ourselves with new people, putting her into the back-burner. She silently suffers, without uttering a single word, just hoping for a smile and caring attitude as a token of return for all she has sacrificed for our well-being. Hardly do we realize that she is not at all having any vested interest whatsoever, and even if age related ailments has metamorphosed her personality into something which was not seen during her heyday, these are merely geriatric issues and nothing more. However, the influence of the so called ‘coterie’ of new people have on us with everything new happening around, compels us to forget the grand contributions of her, vis-à-vis others. We get embroiled into a self-created mirage, where her role appears to be a minnow as compared to the new happenings. We are so deeply addicted into our daily chores that we forget the actual reason of our today, which was sown by her since yesterday. We keep reaping the benefits just because she still prays for us silently, but we tend to forget the power of those silent prayers.

She suffers silently, we tend to compensate through some second hand treatment, affection often polluted by materialistic favors and shared with our new found relationships, which she finds difficult to digest. She still continues to live her life with the same spirit and wishes us good luck, prays for our well-being all across these trying times she encounters, just because of our negligence. We ignore and resist all those with the shrouded linen coming from different quarters, just because those quarters tend to have some hidden agenda in taking us away from her! The relatives, friends, neighbors come and go, showering kudos on the sacrifices she made, but all these appear to be mere lip service, rather than genuine expressions of love, affection and bonding. Life goes on, we move apart, chase our dreams, keep her away from us, and give priority to our new found love and relationships, only to wake up one fine morning, to learn, the reality, YOUR MOTHER IS NO MORE! The moment of truth dawns in front of us, and the whole flashback of her contributions for our all-round well-being, appear in front of us, but soon we realize the reality and start repenting for our negligence during all these years of her loneliness.

Life will definitely have many people coming in and going out, new relationships might take center stage, however, the depth of true affection and unselfish acts of mother cannot be compensated by any other means. It is indeed opportune for all those who are blessed with mother to realize the sanctity of her soul, actions, feelings and emotions, before it’s too late. Nothing else matters more in this universe than MAA! Rest in Peace, Maa! This is definitely not an epitaphic or an obituary, but an expression of forgiveness and gratitude to Maa.

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Mentoring Students for Innovation Week 2016

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity to mentor students for the Innovation week 2016 of HCT. The event had different activities hovering around innovation and yours truly guided a team of his students from HR specialization on creating and implementing a campus based virtual career counseling platform.



Innovation Day 2016 Certificate

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