My article on How to Manage during Recession/Slowdown

Managing Turbulence — Manishankar Chakraborty
The global economy is witnessing a free fall and Indian companies are also being hit by this phenomenon. Companies across sectors are resorting to cost-cutting by offering pink slips to the non-performers. The day of equilibrium is a thing of the past. Global economies are witnessing topsy-turvy changes within short spans owing to factors like global inflation due to skyrocketing oil prices, shortage of food stuffs, subprime crisis of the US and a host of other geo-political reasons. This article discusses how the organization and employees collectively can handle such challenges in the overall interest of all the stakeholders.
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2 Responses to My article on How to Manage during Recession/Slowdown

  1. Mberenis says:

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  2. I wrote the piece even before the first bailout from USA was declared, post investment banking fiasco.Thanks for your comments.

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