Testimonial from one of my clients

The last training program I conducted for my clients before leaving India was amazing.Who says public sector players in India are not up to the mark as far as innovative products and customer services are concerned?My experience while interacting with the development officer, agents of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was simply the contrary.Moreover, my experience while dealing with one of the leading agent of LIC was thousand times better than private sector insurance players. Someone rightly said that the true players always underpromise and over deliver!

The experience was amazing and let me put on record the fact that LIC is a truly marketing oriented company and if the common perception is that private sector insurance players are better in India, know my experiences which are now the case studies on customer satisfaction!


About manishankarscribbles

A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in www.manishankarthetrainer.blogspot.com and www.twitter.com/manitwitts apart from https://manishankarscribbles.wordpress.com .
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