Different environment, different techniques-Whats new?However,……….

Different surrounding calls for different techniques. What is new in that?That is what I have realized while mentoring students in trainees in India, Sultanate of Oman and Australia. One sizie fits all like in any other service industry is a strict no-no even in the training and consultancy domain. In India, trainees/students were more interested in knowing about developments from a national perspective, where a chunk would prefer jargons. In UAE, however, jargons had to be mixed with synonyms, often by quoting local examples of corporations like Nakeel, Dubai World, Mall of Emirates, Burj Dubai to name a few. Australia called for localization from the perspective of the Australasia, which needed adequate understanding of the organizational cultures of companies like Rio Tinto, Qantas, brands like XXXX Beer to name a few. Oman called for empathy and simplicity, where jargon would be the last thing and if used, has to be complimented with meanings.Here also the emphasis of explaining through local corporations like Bank Muscat, Bank Dhofar, Bank Sohar, Oman Air, Gulfar, Renaissance,Oman UAE Xchange to name a few goes a long way in reinforcing the knowledge to the masses.

A blend of localization and GLOCALIZATION holds the key to the success of a management and soft skills trainer


About manishankarscribbles

A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in www.manishankarthetrainer.blogspot.com and www.twitter.com/manitwitts apart from https://manishankarscribbles.wordpress.com .
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