Seasoned Management Trainers

Seasoned management trainers are those who can handle training environment which are diverse, every single time they are on-stage.More than that they never complain about the level of the trainees and the allied aspects while conducting a training.A trainer who has trained in different environments,should infact know how to handle differences and leverage them to his/her advantage.I happened to learn this art after seeing many of my senior pros who have trained globally in different situations and environments.One day they were exposed to trainees who were highly knowledgeable and on the second way he realized he has to be so simple that for every jargon he has to spell out at least 5-6 synonyms, on the third day he had to explain the concepts in totality by riding piggy on local illustrations and examples and the like. To become a seasoned trainer, may take some time, as experience is a percursor for the same.It is only with experience that an amateur is metamorphosed into a dynamic trainer, who can align with any surrounding.Changes in training approaches, delivery methodology, tools,activities etc. should be need based and moreover, last minute changes commensurate with the abilities of the audience is an expertise which is present only with the seasoned trainers.


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A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in and apart from .
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2 Responses to Seasoned Management Trainers

  1. seshagiri says:

    Dear ShankarI recall your kind attention that we met in BITS Pilani. Thereafter I lost thread. When I contacted your Pune Offce, Mr. santhose told me that you left the company for good and were in Australia. Now, once again I am happy that I could get in touch with you. With regard to your blog posting, I fully agree with you that a trainer is seasoned by virtue of his capability of beig diverse at his audience. We come across different mix of participants in the training campus. Different castes religions, different levels of education, attitudes, regions and languages. Only when we sustain this diversity, we will be able to deliver. And I wish to add, that this is our learning. This is the reason, in every of my training session, I dare to proclaim that I learn. I use words such as exchange of ideas and experiences in place of lecturing and teaching. I am happy to share my views with you. Thanks and regards,KS Rao09959129888.

  2. Dear Trainer Rao,Yes, I do fondly remember our association in BITS, Pilani.I accept your thoughts on training and I acknowledge the fact as professionals every moment is a moment of learning for us.Thanks and Sincere Regards,

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