My 408th publication on ‘The Fun of Blended Learning and Training Approach

My 408th publication on talks about the fun and associated importance of blending learning approach. Till a few years back trainers and teachers had to rely solely on the conventional approaches, however, the emergence of new technologies have not only tilted the fulcrum towards a more rational approach, but has also enabled the trainer’s fraternity to bring out the best from the target audience(read trainees or students).Although I have experienced only two of them namely, LMS and MOODLE, I am sure many of you have gathered more insight on the same.
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A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in and apart from .
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2 Responses to My 408th publication on ‘The Fun of Blended Learning and Training Approach

  1. Anonymous says:

    wish you could use a better place to showcase your writing than that!!! Your writing might fall to the level of place you are putting it.

  2. Thanks for your comments!I always believed in publishing, irrespective of the medium, as freedom of expression is something which should be inherent in any and every author, whether he is writing fiction, non-fiction or any subjects.However, I would like to know the reason for your objection along with your introduction.You can even mail me on if you are reluctant to make yourself public through this forum.

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