Seminar at VMA

After reaching India for vacation on the 9th July 09,it was indeed a happy feeling to interact with the industrialists, businessmen, working professionals and students for a one day seminar at Udyog Bhawan. The seminar conducted under the banner of Vidarbha Management Association (VMA)comprised of a discussion on the basics of strategic management.Although an hours time is very less to even discuss the fundamentals of the subject, yours truly tried to discuss few practical cases of the gulf, illustrations from Nagpur, India and the world at large.
The enlightened minds threw many a questions which were answered within the given time frame, however what the audience needed was a localized discussion pertaining to the industrial scenario of the orange city.This needed more time as secondary and primary research was mandatory.However, it was a good beginning!


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A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in and apart from .
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