Workshop on Personality Development

It was indeed a fascinating discussion with the final year BBA and BCA students of TIME and TCSW, Nagpur. The Topic, Interview etiquette, was apt for the target audience as most of them were preparaing for jobs or for higher studies. The amount of transformation seen in the students in terms of the northward movement of the developmental curve were pleasant to the eyes, especially when yours truly was associated with them during their first year.
In addition to all these, its always a pleasure to visit ones alma matter and old colleagues, not to forget the warm hospitality extended by one and all.


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2 Responses to Workshop on Personality Development

  1. RADhika says:

    i can understand ho much fun it would have been, especially at TIME….

  2. Yep true, Radhs! Things are better and one can safely say TIME is the best B-School in Nagpur…..

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