Reforms in the Indian Education Sector

The topic reminds me of one of my article published in a leading and prestigious daily of India, The Hindu, way back in the year 2004. The article can be referred from .The right noises is being made by Mr. Kapil Sibal and company, the report submitted by Prof. Yaspal os spot on. I had contemplated on the same lines while authoring that article 4-5 years back, but now on hindsight, I feel privatization is impossible without proper regulatory and monitoring mechanism, as quite a few incidents where pseudo-privatization of the sector have led to sheer profiteering at the cost of value based of education, have made me little skeptical and jittery.However, the moot point still remains that privatization is a necessity and sonner than later the country would have to open the floodgates.My experience for the last one and a half year in different countries outside India, made me realize, there is no other alternative for privatization of higher education, however the million dollar question to be answered before that is “whether we would be able to put the right checks and balances in place or not”?
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One Response to Reforms in the Indian Education Sector

  1. hi Mani I do agree with you on ur article on REFROMS IN THE INDIAN EDUCATION SECTOR. The need of the hour is that have a pvt enterprnuers getting in education with clear cut mind set on QUALITY EDUCATION profits will automatically flow. rgds Love

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