When your ex-boss suddenly becomes your subordinate

There are instances in different fields owing to different situation which may lead him/her to a tight spot.The person whom you always considered to be your boss and you were growing under his/her tutelage is suddenly working as your own subordinate.It may be because of various reasons-demotion, went on long leave and therefore his/her role was handed over to the new person, study leave sponsored by the organization to name a few.In such a situation it is problematic not only for the new manager but also for the new subordinate as the personal chemistry undergoes a change apart from the different influencers too changing their respective stances with the varying situation.It is therefore ideal for the duo to understand that inspite of the hierarchial shake-up they are human beings first.This would enable them to open up and re-do the doubts which may have crept up in their mind. It is also important to manage the squabbles which would be at the mental level and remove the cob-webs which may be leading to the friction.If the newcomer, i.e. the erstwhile finds it difficult to submit to the present situation it would be apt for his ex-subordinate and current boss to show him/her the right place in an assertive fashion.This,however should not blow out of proportion as this would have a fall over on the overall organizational culture.


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A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in www.manishankarthetrainer.blogspot.com and www.twitter.com/manitwitts apart from https://manishankarscribbles.wordpress.com .
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