Diversity Management in the New Era

Management of diversity is an important prerogative for all modern day organizations,especially the ones which are global enterprises.The significance of diversity increases manifold if one takes into account the slowdown observed in the global market, not to mention the stagnancy in innovation as far as new products and services are concerned, courtesy slack in customer paying capacity in most of the markets, sans the emerging economies where the customers are out of their shells.Handling and managing a diverse workforce cutting across ethnicity’s, culture, language, work habits, personal profile especially when the global market is on an support system (read government sops to boost up their respective economies)calls for innovative approaches which in turn needs out of the box thinking.Management of diversity in the modern day is more than mere equal opportunity benefits being offered to the employees, especially when the downward turn in the economies are responsible for one and all to leverage these diversity related problems and metamorphose them into opportunities.Gone are those days when diversity related issues in an organization was allergic not only to the employees,but also to a host of other stakeholders. Today companies crave to incorporate an element of diversity with a specific intention often recruiting new staff from different industries so as to inject fresh mind in the organizational fabric.The need for Chief Cultural Officer (CCO) has never been felt more than the last decade or so, when companies notably from the knowledge sectors have cut across geographies so as to share their number of customers, staff and even shareholders.Indian Information Technology companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro to name a few are cases in the point.
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3 Responses to Diversity Management in the New Era

  1. stargo says:

    好文章就值得回響,如果可以常常看到您的更新,應該是件很幸福的事情~~ ........................................

  2. The comment in chinese says that, "The article is worth a good response, if we can often see your updates, it should be pieces of a very happy thing ~ ~ "

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