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Job Search Technique – An Art or a Science



Job Search calls for smart work and not hard work


Job search is a technique comprising of some old methods blended with the non-conventional ones. The emergence of technology has added the element of convenience with prospective  job seekers approaching their respective future job providers on a remote, real time basis. The need of the hour is to be a smart worker and not a hard worker slogging for hours together, without much output. Job search should initiate much before one decides to change or join the new employer. It’s because a sudden decision often leads to a situation where the applicant is unable to cut the ice with the list of employers or even if he/she is successful, may not get the right job, precisely meaning the right person in the right place at the right time and money. The essence of job search therefore lies in 24x7x365 preparation even though one isn’t willing to switch his/her employer in the near future. Continuous preparation entails a whole gamut of things even before one knocks the door of the new employer. It is this home-work which shapes up the personality of an individual, culminating in joining his dream or long cherished organization.

Home-work for Job Search

Job search calls for a systematic process where the aspirant has to go through the rigours in a phase wise manner. This is a necessity in the modern day environment, where the employers have the cushion of choosing from a wide number of job aspirants, thereby increasing the level of competition amongst the applicants. For a fresh candidate the process of job search initiates right from the day he joins a professional program like Engineering, Business Studies, Medicine, Information Technology, to name a few.

One should focus on the ultimate goal, i.e. getting his/her dream job immediately after completing his/her education. For that to happen the preparations should be kickstarted right at the onset of the first semester, when one is tasting waters of a professional program. Development of a wider horizon by interacting with seniors in the colleges and those working in the industries and ministries, followed by taking a step-by-step approach from the teachers, mentors and career counsellors goes a long way in imbibing the right approach and attitude at the very outset.Understanding the importance of aspects like gaining knowledge with an application mind-set, learning from experiences, value and ethics based learning, knowledge based approach towards learning rather than a mark based one, continuous learning, peer learning to name a few, goes a long way in making the first tender steps towards the world of job search. Once the foundation is built the candidate need to adopt a defined approach chalked out by a career counselor or his mentor. Continuous evaluation of the moves in line with that of plan is of utmost importance as deviation owing to pressure from studies and marks to be earned in the examination is a routine thing being experienced by students everywhere.

The art of blending the marks based approach with that of the placement oriented one is the need of the hour and in fact going one step ahead, the placement based approach should be superimposed on the examination based model so as to reduce the confusion which may prevail in the mind of many students pursuing different courses of study. Additional activities like extended reading of books, journals, magazines, newspapers so as to increase the thinking ability, development of awareness about the environment, part time jobs or volunteering are the prerequisities for developing a placement oriented approach towards study.

Job Search-An art or a Science?

There are different school of thoughts which defines job search in their own way.To put things into perspective plainly from that of yours truly, it is definitely a mix of art and science. Art because job search calls for developing self with the necessary attributes required by the job market which in turn can also be referred as professional grooming and science because the emergence of technology has made job search a scientific affair. The absence of a scientific touch to the process of job search may make one redundant in the modern day job market as the developments like online forums, professional and personal networking sites, along with the job portals, makes the job search process a methodical and calculative one. An example to put across this point may be an individual looking for a job, sans the basic knowledge of handling computers like working on MS-Office and Internet which are no more considered as a value added qualifications, but are classified as essentials by all the employers. The biggest handicap for a modern day job seeker would be the zero or bare minimum knowledge in using internet as most of the companies and ministries conduct their recruitment processes online and therefore one should be adept in handling issues via email, job portals, company websites, search engines etc.



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