Office relationships are often being catapulted into personal ones, which at times even escalates into personal rapport, which from a society’s standpoint isn’t acceptable. Recent happenings globally, most notably in the west and its negative ramification in the east has witnessed plethora of such relationships which has not only broken the social fabric, but has also shattered many marriages. Professionals these days spends a substantial amount of their time in the workplace and with the team based approach more the order of the day in the workplace, it is tantamount for employees from the opposite genders working together in a host of projects, culminating in developing a soft corner for the other person. Most of the times, the trigger starts with appreciation about each other’s skills presented in the workplace and in no time it metamorphoses into personal liking where personal chemistry flourishes, cutting across, caste, creed, religion and even nationality at times. The flip side of such relationship is the negative fall out in the workplace, apart from the personal relationships at home getting negatively impacted. Such illicit relationships should be prohibited, and one way of doing it is to provide adequate work-life balance to the employees so that they can spend quality time with their family members, apart from creating a transparent, ethical working environment, where such evil practices are being dealth away quite strongly.

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    lot of potential for good writting

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