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Leading Knowledge Portal of the Sultanate of Oman


Community Speaks

Community Speaks is a platform that brings together writers from various backgrounds and expertise to share with you their knowledge on a weekly basis. Diverse topics are featured to make knowledge accessible and give voice to the community.

Dr.Mohammed:  Topics on Innovation Culture, Value Chains, Eco-Systems, and Experimental Hobbies
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Majid: Topics on HR, Management, and Social Perspectives
Click here to read
Manishankar: Topics on Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurship
Click here to read
Priyanka:  Topics on Cultural Journalism, Art, Heritage, and Creative Industry
Click here to read
Jamal: Product Reviews, and ICT articles
Click here to read
Assim:  Topics on Technology, Softwares, and Computer Programming
Click here to read
Asya: Topics on Creative Writing
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Senthil: Topics on self development, pharmaceuticals and business.
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Carolann Topics on Business and Career related, Communications, Public civility, Self representation
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Surumi Sageer: Topics on Money and Banking, Psychology, Family and Relationships and Book Reviews.
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Fatma Hamayon:
Topics on Psychology, self development, creative writing and book reviews.
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Rym Aoudia:
Topics on Intellectual thoughts and Business reflections.
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Mohammed Tamami:Topics: Social Media, eBranding, and Online Strategies.
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Siraj K. K.:
Topics on General Education, Money and Banking, and Finance related topics
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  Dr.V.Raghu Raman:
Topics: Career growth, Time management, Communication skills, Interview techniques, Soft skills, and Entrepreneurship
Click here to read (KO) is a knowledge based community platform that is entirely driven by a group of volunteers across the regions with different specializations and expertise . The aim of this project is to solidify His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos Said’s progressive vision to transform the Sultanate into a knowledge society and build a knowledge based economy.  




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A management trainer, consultant and faculty with experiences in South Asia, Middle East and Australasia. I am also present in and apart from .
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