A Tribute to the Indian Cricket Team

Cometh the hour, cometh the man! MSD proved that time and again. He is probably the biggest star ever as he could successfully eclipse, the legendary Kapil Dev. He leads a team which has reached the crescendo of One Day, T20 and Test Cricket. It is simply a cricket connoisseur’s dream to be numero uno in all the three formats during a single tenure. A disaster in 2007 World Cup Cricket, in the West Indies is just four years old. The terrific turnaround within this short span of time, can provide real life case studies not only to a sporting outfit, but also to organizations and individuals. MSD’s cool as a cucumber like persona with his feet held firmly on the ground during success and failure augurs well for Indian cricket. In fact these are the qualities which should be imbibed within all Indians especially those who consider themselves leaders in one sphere or the other. Taking the challenges head-on, making his presence felt in the big stage, sticking to his own decision even if it boomerangs, that too in a cricket crazy nation where billions expect a miracle is nothing short of real life super-man.The presence of the ‘great’ Tendulkar with his debut cricketer like commitment and passion towards his profession only adds to the overall aura of this team. To stave off defeats in the knock-outs against formidable rivals like the Aussies, Pakis and Lankans, that too when the target in the final was monumental speaks volumes about the self-belief every individual has towards the team goal. Gary Kirsten is a perfect example of a coach willing to take on the responsibility of a team where every country-man irrespective of his background and profession can profess about cricket. A small comparison with Greg Chappel a more illustrious cricketer, but a doomed coach would provide sufficient inputs to anyone willing to take up a prestigious position in the sporting arena or in the organizational set-up.The rallying behind of each and every member, sharing each other’s success, never say die approach, coming from behind to surprise the opposition was all in display when the players shared their tears of happiness, immediately after lifting the cup.The sheer presence of a single sporting personality for more than two decades, so as to motivate a bunch of fifteen to lift the most coveted trophy in the cricketing history speaks volumes about the individual’s personality(as everyone knows about his professional accomplishments).MSD as a leader brings in the perfect blend of Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Imran Khan, Viv Richards and Sourav Ganguly as captains.After witnessing the approach of the Indian team in the finals, Aussies and Pakis can take solace from the fact that they were beaten by a team which totally committed towards the single point objective of lifting the trophy. The win is a perfect example of focusing on the process, rather than end-result. A well laid out plan and process if followed and implemented to a nicety can do wonders to even the most moderate group of individuals. The best case study to explain TEAM WORK , is here!

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