IPL-4, Perfect Timing and Background

IPL-4 starts today in Chennai. It couldn’t have been better and bigger. Indians having been crowned the world champions a week back, Indian audience is still in the hangover mood, which ensures larger eye-balls just to watch their favourite stars, even if it means, witnessing them play against each other. The sponsors are set to reap huge monetary benefits with two more franchisees joining the fray, viz. Pune and Kochi. Truly India is now the cricket power-house, financially, market size wise, and now with the new-found crown of World Champions, Test Number 1 and an enterprising T20 outfit as well, which had won the inaugural edition of ICC T20 championship. The masala cricket with the ideal blend of music, fashion and sports cannot be any bigger. Mahindra Singh Dhoni is the biggest star in the Indian Cricket now with ICC T20 championship, IPL-2010, T20 Champions League and ICC-World Cup2011 is his shelf and to have the first game in IPL-4 upfront is nothing short of a sponsors delight. This is also a perfect situation for the fringe and lesser known players to get noticed in the international stage, rub shoulders with their international heroes, which would breed the future Ashwins and Rainas for the Indian cricket. The Indian cricket audience both at home and away would be ready to take the staple of cricket, although the initial interest would be a tad less, especially when they are still glued to their memory seeing the Indian team playing in unison for the common goal. The passage of time, would bring them back to their cricket frenzy behaviour as Indians always consider cricket as the biggest unifier and nothing less than a religion. Spare a thought for Modi who has gone into oblivion after his corrupt practices, but one shouldn’t forget his acumen in marketing the event successfully globally. Meanwhile, sit back, relax without fastening the seat belt and enjoy IPL-4.

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