Sachin Tendulkar-The best teacher ever?

Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly the greatest international cricketer ever. There had been lot of comparisons with the one and only Bradman, the devastating Viv Richards, contemporaries like Ponting and Kallis, but Sachin stands tall amongst all, simply because he has proved himself in all forms of the game, be it Test Cricket, One Day Internationals, and now in IPLT20 as well, when he scored an unbeaten 66 balls century today in front of a packed Wankhede crowd in Mumbai. At 37 plus, with more than 2 decades of international cricket, setting new benchmarks in ODI and Test Cricket and being part of a world cup winning team, Sachin Tendulkar has literally achieved everything from a cricketing connoisseur’s perspective. However, what is surprising is the ever-increasing appetite for all forms of cricket, which also includes his stints in league cricket, county, club cricket or even while playing with his son and old pals provides first hand lesson about professional passion. A passionate professional with dedication, commitment, perseverance, self paced goals and milestones, with the feet firmly grounded even when going great guns, a perfect team playing attitude with absolutely no substitute for hard work can provide any gifted or even a normal individual the right pedestal for reaching the crescendo. Sachin has displayed all these qualities in abundance for 21 plus years in a rigorous international cricketing calendar, where fierce competition is the name of the game. Sustaining at the top for such a long time, in spite of career threatening injuries, temporary loss of form, albeit momentarily are indicators of the greatness of the cricketing legend, which can very well be imbibed in the professional lexicon of any career aspirant, cutting across domains, levels and functions. Respecting everyone(read stakeholders) and taking public criticism in a positive manner, allowing the professional credentials do the talking instead of criticising the critics verbally are other traits which can be picked up from the great Indian son. Relationship management and expectations management are the other behavioural aspects which can be extracted by any professional from the life of the great Sachin Tendulkar. One point agenda of succeeding at the biggest stages, when the chips are down, when everyone calls for his head are the other qualities of Sachin Tendulkar which can be implemented in the career of any professional during the period of transitions. One important thing which is perhaps key for any professional excellence is pursuing the job ethically without any blot, especially when one is surrounded by adulation all the time, with offers from illegal sources which can probably eclipse his fair source of income are a must for many of the modern-day corrupt officials from the public and private life. It talks about ones upbringing, ethics and morality related issues and has to do a lot with the with the perennial professional success for 22 plus years in international cricket. Compromising on a lavish life, daily habits only to reach the professional success are the other pointers from the life of the great Sachin Tendulkar.

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