Branding with a namesake thrills the customer?

Branding in the modern-day era where customers are highly choosy and have a lot of alternatives to opt from is indeed a complicated exercise for all the marketers. Brand experts are trying every gimmick so as to attract and retain the customer, however, it’s easier said than done. Companies competes with their rivals for every penny spent on the advertising and promotional front so as to have that decisive impact on their brands. Recently, yours truly found out a new feeling as a customer, which can very well be leveraged by various marketers after doing the necessary customizations. A brand which has already won the heart, mind and soul of the customer owing to its unique attributes, features, shapes, styles, tastes, freshness is normally difficult to be substituted, but, you never know about the customer clan, who are ever-ready to switch brands for the smallest of the benefits offered by the rivals, puts the brand custodian into a tight spot of bother. Considering out of the box thinking to be the new germinating grounds of branding ideas, the experience encountered by yours truly can definitely provide some food for thought for the otherwise competitive brand consultants.

Dry fruits being one of the most commonly consumed snacks in parts of Middle East and North Africa(MENA), including that of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),it is obvious to fall in love with this category of snacks, vis-a-vis other spicy and oily stuffs. Dry fruits have always been one of the favourites of the Arabs and the food habit has rubbed on to the expatriate population based in the region.This penchant for dry fruits along with its nutritional value has added an element of interest, culminating in consuming the same every day after the workouts. Quite often one is tempted to go for the loose packets available from the small unorganized retailers(sold through organized retail outlets),but in this case it was the quality of the products coupled with the namesake identity(Mani from Manishankar with that of the brand Mani)had brought together the soul of the customer with that of the product. The brand has created a new and novel identity in the mind of the customer and the attachment has reached to an extent where yours truly would not be interested to go for alternatives, even if it means getting some freebies from the competitors. It’s the name that  powers the brand game!

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