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Learning’s from His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said
by Manishankar Chakraborty

A true teacher is one who is always on the learning curve as his job entails grooming his pupils. The same holds true for a professor or a trainer as the broad contours of their professions remains the same, i.e. to enable their students or trainees to leverage their existing and latent potential so as to reach for the stars. Yours truly is no exception as he too hails from the same tribe and is always on the look out for lessons extracted either from life, incidents or person. Quite often it has lead to authoring articles, case studies on persons, events, places, sports through which important learning’s for individuals and professionals have been derived which otherwise may have not been magnified to an wider audience.

The article tries to elucidate the lessons, yours truly learnt from the life of His Majesty within a short period of ten months, since the time he has landed in this blessed nation. The learning may be broad in nature, but with little bit of customization, one can definitely use them in their own lives, be it the personal and/or the professional domains. Yours truly shall welcome valuable insights, experience and knowledge about this great personality so that it can not only add value to this humble effort but also for enlighten the readers at large.

The following are the learning’s derived after reading about him, and observing him catapulting this nation to the pinnacle of success in a short span of 39 years-

(1) The power of dream- His Majesty (HM) is a firm believer in the power of dream. He is few individual in this planet who is not only able to dream big, but more importantly metamorphoses those dreams into realities. A sift into the past when he took over, and at the dawn of 2010, one can very well understand his self belief which he rubbed on successfully to each and every person in the Sultanate, culminating in their respective contributions so as to take the country to the crescendo of success. One can takeaway the fact that if one can dream big and follow it up with self belief, self motivation, which in turn is percolated to the masses, one can create wonders for the masses, instead of the classes.

(2) Live and Let Live- The Sultanate of Oman is the only country yours truly have experienced which does not have any strain in relationship with any of the nations, be it the neighbours or at the global level. One glance into the leading newspapers of the Sultanate and the number of wishes exchanged or sorrows shared with the global leaders by His Majesty, points to his excellent foreign relations on the pillar of live and let live. Global leaders can take out a leaf from HM’s book on foreign relations which would lead to many a global tussles being solved only on the basis of humanistic approach. For an individual, it has even bigger meaning, as one can learn the basics of managing relations with the fellow being, whether one is a colleague, a neighbour, a social animal, brother, father, mother sister or friend. Global organizations like United Nations should take important lessons from the Sultanate about managing relations with other countries, which in turn would help in solving many a problems fuelling violence for centuries, all across the globe.

(3) Simple Living, High Thinking- There are handful few leaders from across the globe who in spite of being the darling of their followers, leads a very simple life, blended with high thinking commensurate with the growth of his/her people. HM is one of those few personalities who has this as the backbone of everything he does, either as a human being or as a leader. His visits to different governorate of the Sultanate, staying in a temporary tent, meeting face to face with his people, empathizing with their issues and following up with instant solutions are things which many individual can easily incorporate in their own lives. Simplicity is the trademark of this great human being, and as is evident from his accomplishments, he is always hungry for more, in terms of the growth and welfare for his people.

(4) Leadership qualities- The leadership qualities of HM can provide a plethora of case studies to human beings of all background to leverage them for their own benefit. It’s commendable for a person to manage a country for 39 long years with the same breath of development and prosperity of its people, that too when there had been turbulence especially during natural disasters like Ghonu or man made catastrophe like the recently subsided global economic recession. The way each and every department under several ministries functions, the style in which private organizations manages themselves are direct and indirect pointers to the leadership qualities of His Majesty which has transformed this country in such a short time.

(5) A personality worth idolizing– Modern day citizens find it difficult to look for a person whom they can idolize in their life. If they imitate or follow someone because of his sporting credentials, he is found wanting for his unethical behaviour, if some political personality is made the idol for his accomplishments, suddenly there are cases of corruption coming out in the limelight. HM is few of those blessed citizens who have the right mix of attractive behavioural traits and unscathed image which makes him a follower for the masses, cutting across professions and classes. His one point agenda is straight and simple, the growth and emergence of Omani citizens and the Sultanate as a country at the world stage through the right means. This is precisely the reason why yours truly has started to idolize HM within a short span of nine months!

(6) Equality, tranquility and transparency- HM is text book definition of a mass leader having solid foundations on equality for all and tranquility and transparency in all the endeavours. This is one of the reasons Oman has earned its name at the global level for warm hospitality, and as a place for potential entrepreneurs and foreign investments, not to mention the overall liking by the global expatriates in choosing this destination as their place of working.

(7) Growth with the right blends of modernity and natural interface- Oman is handful few nations known for its attractive natural landscape which attracts tourists from all across the globe. (Yours Truly’s post in his blog http://manishankarthetrainer.blogspo…ultant-on.html has mentioned the same on the basis of his own experiences). On the top of it the rapid strides of developments made by the Sultanate is well entrenched within the cultural ethos and strong values of the age old rich Omani culture. This is one reason why the economy is on a continual northward movement while many of the global economies have either crumbled under the recessionary trend or have fallen from fame owing to the mammoth losses of their organizations and institutions. Oman based companies, both public and private still stands tall amongst the ruins of the just receded global recession. This has lot to do with the growth curve drawn out by HM which hinges on the foundations of modernity with a tinge of natural interface and strong cultural values.

(8) Visionary and Statesman with hands on approach- Many political leaders at the global stage are known to be political visionary and statesman. However, most of them doesn’t have hands on experience like HM in diverse areas like defense, welfare of the people as HM had performed many roles on his own, thereby bringing in that experience in his style of leadership. This is one reason why his vision, unlike many of his compatriots from other nations, was achieved very fast, and in a smooth manner. HM, being a visionary and statesman have enabled the country to reach the crescendo of success quite fast. The other important aspect is the all round development, made by the country in different spheres, unlike most of the nations which have a one-dimensional growth trajectory.

Although yours truly could list down a few of the learning’s imbibed from the life of HM, he is sure in the time to come, he would add to those lists of books which have been written by global authors on the life of HM. Hats off to you, HM!!! The world needs leaders like you.


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