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Sports as the Rejuvenator and Unifier
by Manishankar Chakraborty

It’s a common adage that ‘all work and no play make Tom a dull boy’. The modern day organizations are searching for ways which can not only allow their employees to enjoy the workplace experience but also make them motivated and unified lot with the common objective commensurate with that of the organization. A substantial period of the daily routine of every individual employed with any concern is spent within the corridors of the organization. Although the role of co-curricular activities in an academic environment had always been liked by all and sundry when it came to indulging in events and exercises other than work, the role of play have increased manifold in the recent past with sports and even physical exercises taking backseat, in light of the strenuous work schedules, fatigue, work pressure, finally culminating in life style related illness. This not only reduces the organizational productivity, but also impacts the confidence and motivation level of the individual employee cascading into a bane for the organization and society at large.

It is therefore apt for most of the organizations to encourage their employees to go for intra-department or inter department sporting and other extra-curricular activities which can not only rejuvenate the tired mind, and soul, but also bring in a new sense of motivation and spirited approach within the rank and file of the organization. The benefits of the activities(may not be immediate, direct and tangible at times) in the long term are evident in terms of increased performances, improved physical and mental status of the employees not to forget the spirit of unification developed all over the organization.

Figure 1- Victorious Students Team of Business Studies with Head- Abdul Jaleel

Ibra College of Technology (ICT) in its second year of organizing the annual sports day at its campus is witnessing all the aforesaid benefits in abundance. The competitive spirit raked up between the staff of different departments to compete with their peers from the other departments have not only helped in developing a sense of dejavu surrounding the events but have also provided a forum where all the employees from different departments can join hands in various individual and team sporting events. This provides an opportunity to showcase some latent sporting talents of the staff and students alike. What makes the events more interesting is the involvement of the students during the annual sports day thereby making the whole family a united one, enjoying together, free from the daily chores of work and study for the staff and students respectively.

Figure 2 Staff Team of the Business Studies Department after becoming champions in Cricket Tournament.

The never say die attitude of the employees and students are there for all to see especially when it comes to representing his or her own department in any of the sporting events, however, that does not take away the friendliness or sportsman spirit displayed by the players on many occasions. At times one has to acknowledge the approach adopted by the employees and staff which makes the sporting festival nothing short of international sporting events, especially looking into the methodical and professional approach brought in by all the stakeholders. The discipline, obedience, sincerity, devotion and perseverance, key aspects of the organizational fabric of ICT is in full display during the sporting extravaganza bringing all together for a shared goal and objective. Adds, Abdul Jaleel, Head, Department of Business Studies, “Sporting events leading to the annual day is a event full of fun, frolic and enjoyment which also helps in rejuvenating the employees with doses of team spirit, cohesiveness and determination, bringing in a new sense of belongingness amongst the staff and the students of the department”. The Business Department of ICT reaching the podium finish in the cricket and few other team and individual events after going devoid of any medals in the inaugural event, said it all. Sports and Academics are there to stay!


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