A Comparison of Citizens Revolt

Citizens revolt has spread all across the Middle East barring a few countries in the MENA region. Many of the powerful, selfish, corrupt, myopic regimes have been dethroned and they have been substituted by a democratic or quasi-democratic set-up.However, all these didn’t happen peacefully. Many lost their lives, children lost their parents, parents their wards, country their citizens, not to forget the ramification all these had on the overall functioning of the state, regional and global economy. The turmoil in these countries were through people’s voice,however it was indeed worrisome to see those revolutions taking the shape of a bloody,violent unrest. India recently is witnessing a silent revolution. The most populous democracy with its inherent ills, like corruption  at every level, has brought to the fore a silent movement started off by social activist Anna Hazare and now being carried forward by Baba Ramdev. These developments are providing the world with new-age Gandhian type peaceful revolution, closely resembling to that of the Indian independence struggle achieved 60 years back. The mass movement could not have come at a better time, especially with the world around  witnessing violence on the basis of caste, creed, religion and other ideological clashes. The common Indian citizen, hitherto hapless by the powerful, corrupt administrators, ministers had completely given up, till they got a fresh lease of life, courtesy ANNA HAZARE and now BABA RAMDEV. The recent election drubbing received by the ruling parties in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu states have pointed towards the fact that people are not going to tolerate corruption anymore and they are not going to spare any ministers, nothwithstanding the freebies being offered to the electorates just before an election. The one point agenda of this silent revolution is to free the country from the corrupt officials even if that  means amending the constitution by bringing in citizen friendly clause whereby even the biggest and the most powerful is accountable, to the common man. The ruling parties and opposition parties are a worried lot. For a change Indian Judiciary is sending all the corrupt ministers and administrators to Tihar Jail. The bail appeals are being rejected by the court, but for how long this pressure would continue and would all these developments bring in a positive, sustainable turnaround for the country is the million dollar question to be answered. Only time would tell what is in store for a common Indian.

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