A New Addiction

There is a new addiction in the town. Its neither the banned substances, nor alcohol. The new addiction is impacting every strata of the society, cutting across genders, age bracket, ethnicity, profession and behaviourial attributes. Although this addiction havesubstantial number of positives attached to it, the flip side is being exposed more, owing to the abuse of the same. People are wasting their productive hours and age after getting hooked to this new fad. The objectives of getting intoxicated with this new addiction varies from person to person,however, the commonality remains the same, i.e. to network, although with different intention and objectives. If you were wondering uptill now and guessed it’s social networking, you are spot on! The new avatar of networking, albeit virtually is leading to some societal issues which is challenging the basic fabric of the families and relationships. Exhausted and irritated with the monotonous life, people of all demographies are getting closely associated with the networking portals so as to vent out their frustrations, anxiety and boring daily schedule witnessed in their day to day life. For some its a snapshot of their latent wishes which was hitherto dormant owing to the social and familial pressure, that has got the expression through these social networking portals. Mark Zuckerberg may have visualized such a scenario, however, one should wonder whether he had really foreseen such a situation where people would eat, sleep, drink and excrete facebook! Its a known fact that generation X and generation Y need the latest trendy electronic gadgets, apart from an internet connection. They can do away with the absence of the basic necessities of survival, but cannot sustain sans these new found needs. In that sense can one say that, the electronic gadgets like smartphones, I-phones, internet connections are the stimulants for the overall intoxication brought in by these networking portals?

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