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Best Companies To Work For 2011: Scope Information Technology’s open door policy empowers employees



Despite the number of men being double than the womenfolk in its gender profile, the Chennai-based Scope International goes that extra mile to keep its female staff perky. So while there is the working from home option across levels, a strong representation of women at senior levels ensures evenness across the 8,064-strong organisation. “Even if we feel stressed at work, we are permitted to take a break, play a game and then resume work,” says an employee. Scope also prides itself on being a ‘home’ to many employees who have served the organisation for more than 10 years. Besides, it has a track record of re-employing ‘returnees’.

“Our staff referral programme has also been a great success, an acknowledgement that employees are highly motivated and willing to refer friends and family to join Scope,” says Edwin Nevis , the Chief Executive Officer of Scope International.

Leaders mingle with employees at work and play creating an environment where they remain accessible. For instance, Edwin regularly meets up with new hires, hears them out and inspires them with his own enduring association of three decades with the organisation. During his regular walkabouts and brown bag meetings, he chats with the employees. He also indulges in an occasional game of badminton with the staff on campus.

Besides, there are numerous formal and informal channels for senior management to interact with employees, including brown bag lunches, power of leadership sessions, regular town halls, coffee sessions and weekly staff engagement events.

Scope also has an open door policy where employees can walk up to the management if they have any issues or if they want to share some suggestion. “The open and transparent work culture at Scope is built on two-way communication and employees are encouraged to provide feedback and are empowered with the right tools,” says Edwin.

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