Corrupt politicians, foolish common man and moronic institutions(Source-The Times of India)

Corrupt politicians, foolish common man and moronic institutions

The Delhi chief minister, Sheila Dikshit, or aunty ji, as she is often called, has finally used the politician’s nuclear missile to defend the splurge and all else in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in October 2010. In her response to the CAG report that her government was responsible for gross mismanagement and wasteful expenditure, she says she has “not done anything wrong” and that everything was done keeping in mind the “national interest and prestige”

National interest and prestige? Wow! This is exactly as per script, isn’t it? All through the preparations for the games, the media had gone hoarse discussing the deliberate delays in preparation, alleging that it was all done to force the government release unquestioned funds in the name of nation’s prestige. I myself had done a post on December 22, 2009, a good nine months before the games when Sheila said she was now worried about the delays and was praying that things go well. The post, Commonwealth games: Jittery CM equals growing costs, falling quality, zero accountability, had mentioned how all these delays are deliberate and follow a pattern. Here is a quote from that post: “We all know how dear our nation’s prestige is to us, and our politicians are masters at exploiting this weakness. And now that Rahul Gandhi and the Prime Minister too are worried, I have no doubt that we will be able to put up a show. But at what cost? This is where the pattern is.

As mentioned above, we are masters at exploiting our weakness that the nation’s prestige should not be compromised with. This means under no circumstances can the games be allowed to go under. However, these delays, which I am pretty certain are deliberate, have brought us to a situation where everyone will now focus only on getting the facilities ready at any cost. So far behind schedule are we that the only way we can deliver now is to pump in as much money as is required to get things up. The big plus, for the politicians involved is that there is no risk of being questioned. Milking the nation in the garb of safeguarding prestige is an art our politicians have perfected.”

The way everything in the aftermath of the games has panned out, it would be a great script for comedy, if only it was not our money that these leeches called politicians have sucked out of the system. What hurts even more is that there is bluster in their demeanour even after this open loot has been exposed so brutally, with nary a shard of remorse anywhere.

The Prime Minister and his boss, Sonia Gandhi, had promised that the corrupt would not be spared after the games. It was with this in mind, at least that it what one was made to believe, that the Prime Minister had set up the Shunglu Committee. Working against all odds, with all departments concerned doing everything possible to delay sharing information with the committee set up by the nation’s CEO, it still managed to bring out a report detailing the wrongs. I myself was called a few times by the committee to explain some of the things I had written. And what did this same chief minister of Delhi do when the report indicted her functioning? Junked the report! Even the CAG report is now being targeted as being full of innuendo and prejudice.

This is actually typical. Anyone, so what if it is an institution, that does not toe your line, should be discredited. Only those who say what the looters want to hear are good while all others are incompetent morons. And, if in the bargain you harm an institution that has taken years to build its credibility, it’s no big deal.

Do these looters even realise what and how they are harming the nation’s prestige, the very plank based on which they looted us in the first place? And do they think the people are fools and don’t see through their stupid brazenness? In June, 2010, I had done a piece that said pray it doesn’t rain during the commonwealth games. This was done following a quick inspection of the ‘streetscaping’ that Sheila’s government had done for the games. Thankfully, for the nation’s ‘prestige’ it did not rain during the games, but all those who live in Delhi know what happened to some of the show piece roads of Delhi as soon as it rained. I remember tweeting that it’s funny that the roads we build seem to drain off money far better than water.

The BJP had no option but to dump its chief minister in Karnataka after the state Lokayukta indicted him. BS Yeddyurappa quit, kicking and shouting, but he did. Sheila’s case is no different, really. If she and her political bosses think people are not noticing, they are all mistaken. The Times of India did a survey of what people think about the corruption issues, the result of which was released this morning. Please read it for yourself to realise why the smart-alec politicians should stop taking people for fools and institutions for morons.



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