Proud to be associated with the Community Targeted Initiative Donates Educational Material to Colleges and Universities, the leading community initiative in the Sultanate, is donating various educational materials to colleges and universities in the country as part of its mission of promoting knowledge across the Sultanate and setting an example of giving and donating as a natural part of everyday life. Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani, founder and president of, has created educational DVDs on IT and Business related subjects that have been distributed already to University of Nizwa, German University of Technology and Middle East College of Information Technology.

Speaking on the donation, Tariq notes, “Knowledge in any discipline is wealth and it personally brings me great pleasure to donate all that I’ve learnt throughout the years to students and faculty members of both the private and public schools and universities. Our goal is to ensure knowledge is free and everyone has ease of access for attaining it. By supporting youth in their knowledge quest, a nation is supported.”

The donated educational material share what the industry needs today in terms of knowledge, skill sets and experience that are necessary for students to succeed in the market. Tariq’s knowledge and expertise has been recognized locally and internationally, with the “Best IT Professional” during Comex 2009 presented by Information Technology Authority, “Best Personality” award presented by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” award presented by Microsoft, and “Brand Leadership” award presented by World Brand Congress 2010. Recently Tariq has also been recognized in the “Jawharat Oman book” launched at the Oman Best Performing Companies 2011 as one of the 40 top achievers in the Sultanate

“Tariq Al Barwani is one of the leading young IT experts in Oman. He is a role-model for the youth. I am sure that our students can learn a lot from Tariq. Throughout the past years his numerous IT initiatives, including radio programmes and community programmes have spread IT knowledge in Oman and among all parts of society.  We would like to thank Tariq for his visit at GUtech and for his donation,”  said Hussain Al Salmi, Deputy Rector for Adminstration and Finance at GUtech.

Tariq visited and presented various ICT subjects and developments to private and public schools, colleges, companies and government sectors that include the Indian School, Muscat College, the German University of Technology, Khimji Training Institute, Muscat International School, Shatti Qurum School, Muscat chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), the Royal Oman Police, Nizwa Higher College of Technology, Nizwa Applied Sciences College, Sultan Qaboos University, the Middle East College of Information Technology, Muscat Higher College of Technology, the Modern College of Business and Science, Musaana Higher College of Technology, the University of Dhofar, Omani Society for Educational Technology, and the Open Arab University.

“The donation shall not only give our students information but also enhance their knowledge about digital marketing. More over it also portraits the way presentations should be made and the confidence of the presenter,” said Dr Kaneez Fatima, Assistant Lecturer at Nizwa University.

Harith Al Jahwary, Head of External Relations in Middle East College of Information Technology, adds, “As MECIT encourages the spread of knowledge especially in the IT fields, Knowledge Oman is leading a good practice by free knowledge share. DVDs will be made available to students of undergraduate as a valuable resource.” has also initiated other knowledge-based donations, with the support to establish a children’s library in Al Musan’a with the Let’s Read Campaign of Dar Al Attaa  and volunteering to host talks and workshops at various institutions. has managed to successfully bring together a diverse team under one roof to support the vision of His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos of creating a knowledge based society.


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