India presents a New Leader and novel leadership formula

Anna Hazare has set a new benchmark in mass leadership. One of the largest democracy in the world succumbing to the citizens pressure, led by none other than a common man speaks volumes about the vibrancy of Indian democracy, the dedication and perseverance of the leader and his followers. Anna was known only in a few pockets of Maharashtra state of India, till a few years back, when he decided to leverage his state level expertise of revolting through peaceful means as a weapon for mass appeal at the national stage. The silent revolution was built over a period of time, which surprisingly went unnoticed by the Indian leaders. People from the mainstream realized for the first time that they can contribute in a small way so as to change the Indian political , economical landscape. False promises of the politicians reverberating the ears of the masses just before an election were absent. Smart spokespersons from the ruling elites tried their level best to derail the movement by tarnishing the image of the leader and his coordinates, but they were relentless and vocal. Deep within they were aware about their leadership model which was based on honesty, integrity and sincerity. Many other common man’s representative tried to join the bandwagon in their own way, but had to give up under political pressure, along with the absence of a mass appeal. Allegations and counter allegations flew thick and fast, but Anna and company were steadfast in their demands culminating in both the houses accepting the conditions of Jan Lok Pal bill in to-to. The power of non-violent movement, which was presented by the great Mahatma Gandhi and was often rejected by the modern-day leaders and also the followers understood the power of that age-old technique, especially when technology evolved as the best enabler.

Long live Anna, India needs a few more personalities like you!

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