Interaction with the Future Managers and Entrepreneurs

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It was one of the short vacation in India when yours truly met an old friend cum colleague, Dr. Ravindra Aher, currently group director with the education behemoth Raisoni Group of Institutions. In spite of the hectic itinerary, yours truly couldn’t resist the offer of interacting with the illuminating minds of the institution, ready to take up the gauntlet offered by the competitive environment. The two hours extempore hovered around the fresh challenges offered to the graduates and quite understandably most of them were in the know of the things, although given an option they preferred to be job Scouters, rather than job Providers! The other interesting aspect was the inauguration of the mentoring week, whereby one group of mentee under the watchful eyes of their mentor presented the dynamics facing the world pertaining to environmental degradation. The leadership of Dr. Aher with the right supervision of Prof. Meena Rajesh was doing wonders for the hallowed walls of learning.

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