Certificate of Honour from www.knowledgeoman.com, leading knowledge portal of the Sultanate of Oman

Dr.Manishankar,KO Honoring Certificate

Dr.Manishankar,KO Honoring Certificate

KnowledgeOman.com Honors its Volunteers for Community Work


The KnowledgeOman.com Management, leading the country’s knowledge-based volunteer platform with a multi-national team, has recently honored its Volunteers who have participated in different social and learning activities throughout the year. The honoring ceremony was held at Grand Hyatt with appreciation certificates presented and a word of thanks on how volunteers bring impact to the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Tariq Hilal Al Barwani, Founder and President of KnowledgeOman.com, says, “We are indeed grateful to have a committed and competent team of members who are dedicated to making a difference for a knowledge society. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of them and encourage the nation’s talent.”

The team members have contributed to a variety of online and offline initiatives aimed at disseminating knowledge and learning. This includes the first bilingual video sharing platform, the first bilingual social network platform, free educational community seminars, a platform for writers and columnist to share their views and knowledge online, electronic library hosting knowledge books, electronic school offering classes and courses online, and talent-driven events on a periodical basis. Going forward in 2012, an emphasis will be on the community led initiatives to further connect with and empower the people.

Khalfan Al Mahrazy, Vice President of KnowledgeOman.com, adds, “The achievements at KnowledgeOman.com today are due to the great team we have in place volunteering enthusiastically with their time and effort.”

KnowledgeOman.com is uniquely driven by the community and for the community, run voluntarily by a team of local and expatriate team living in Oman coming from different backgrounds, nationalities and professions of both private and public institutions. Established in 2008, KnowledgeOman.com has received both local and international recognition for the excellence rendered, including an award winning status with the Oman Web Awards international standard web technology prize for its online presence in the country and the Global Brand Leadership Award for its community projects.

Source- http://knowledgeoman.com/en/konews/knowledgeoman-com-honors-its-volunteers-for-community-work.html

Contributions of Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty in the portal

Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty


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  1. Jhumki says:

    Congratulations…! Banga putra …aamader garbo.!!!

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