Exhibition on Management of Diversity

Management of Diversity as a subject has its own significance, especially when the buzzword around men-management in the modern-day industries hovers around diversified workforce. Understanding the nuances of managing diversity at the workplace, goes much beyond reading the text-books and therefore, your’s truly for the second time in succession, provided his advanced diploma students of ICT, an opportunity to showcase their innovation, creativity and artistic skills while presenting their second practical activity on Management of Diversity. The exercise a group one, consisted of two members each in a team and had the liberty to opt for a country other than their blessed native, the Sultanate of Oman.They were asked to do the following and present in an exhibition, which was then evaluated by a panel of faculties consisting of Omani’s and expatriates

(1) Conduct a thorough study of the opted country and analyze all the diversity related issues therein.

(2) Present the findings in the form of charts(and not routine power-point presentations), quoting references of the pictures, texts, images apart from their own observations.

(3)Imagine a scenario where an employee from that opted nation joins an organization, where the team members are responsible for managing diversity, and provide viable solutions to overcome all possible barriers pertaining to diversity.

(4)Present the findings during an exhibition, where the evaluation criteria consisted of domain knowledge, presentation, creativity and innovation, referencing and cross question handling.

The advanced diploma students of HR specialization(Semester-2, 2011-2012 academic year) did a commendable job, in line with the deeds of the last group who had worked on the same exercise a couple of years back. Kudos are due to the judges(Prof. Aliya, Prof. Habiba, Prof. Badar and Prof. Shouvik) for their fair and critical evaluation which contributed and added substantial value to the learning process. Accolades are due to the department and college administration for their support, cooperation and motivation.

The snaps can be viewed by clicking on https://picasaweb.google.com/108177970604796869876/ManagementOfDiversitySem220112012AcademicYear#

Last assignment on the same subject completed a year back can be viewed by clicking on https://manishankarscribbles.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/a-novel-learning-and-teaching-tool/

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