Personality Management at the Workplace

It is important to manage one’s persona commensurate with the changing environs of the workplace. No two moments are alike, no two people are alike, not even a single individual are alike in different moments, so it’s imperative for a sensible professional to align his personality according to the situation. Circumstances and winds blow from different directions with diverse factors incorporated in it, a sensible professional should be able to decipher the meaning through the verbal presentations, more importantly through the non-verbal cues. Peers who are trusted in one moment and are confided with the most personal happenings in life, becomes an opportunist once the sail of his/her boat changes course. Personality management at the workplace would mainly include observing ones actions and reactions and whether the same are in consonance with the majority. An odd man out is omnipresent in organizations of all stature, however, their standing is in turn directly proportional to their personality and the stature they have built among their peers, superiors and subordinates. Pretentious characters would present as if they are the most reliable lots in the group, would try to empathize at every possible opportunity and would not hesitate to sympathize once the environment becomes gloomy.  The all-weather friends are the ones who would take people to the pedestal only to bloat their egos and satisfy their own wishes. However, not everyone submits themselves to such all-weather pals, simply because they aren’t willing to buy into their arguments at face value, as they know their own mettle and worth in the organization. The chameleons are the most deadly lot as they change their color, opinion, perspectives, attitudes and behavior even faster than the real life lizard. Chameleons are generally the ones who act as the mole within an organization and their goody-goody approach is often considered suspicious. The reptiles unlike their real life replica spends most of the time in one habitat unless their actual intention of staying is caught and understood by the masses. The presence of such diverse characters makes it even more important for a professional to manage his/her personality in the best interest of his own goals and objectives and those of the organization.

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