Enacted Seminar on Best Practices in Teaching and Learning







Knowledge shared is knowledge gained goes the common saying. The college administration of Ibra College of Technology(ICT), one of the seven Colleges of Technology controlled, managed and operated by the Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman had been conducting series of seminars and workshops by leveraging the captive resources (read faculty members) and occasionally roping in external experts from the industry and the world of academia. The completion of Fall 2013-2014 semester and the onset of Spring 2013-2014 semester provided a one week gap to squeeze in such knowledge dissemination programs in the larger interest of the knowledge workers so that the same can be cascaded into the final beneficiary, i.e. the professionals of tomorrow(read students of ICT). The week long knowledge extravaganza had an attractive agenda hovering around “TEACHING and LEARNING” comprising of in-house experts and external professionals , itinerary of which can be seen by clicking on the link below-

Itinerary of Staff Training Spring2014

Yours truly and colleague, Dr. Mythilli Kollu presented an hour long enacted seminar on “traditional” and “modern” teaching and learning practices, by pointing towards the advantages and challenges pertaining to some of the teaching-learning techniques in a simulated classroom set-up. These techniques had a blend of those practiced at ICT and elsewhere in the Sultanate of Oman and rest of the world. The presentation can be viewed by clicking on the link below-

PPT on Teaching Practices -Traditional & Contemporary by Dr. Manishankar and Dr. Mythilli

Certificate of Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

Certificate of Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

Special compliments and sincere gratitude to the college administration and the department administration of Business Studies, Information Technology, Engineering, Electronic Technology Center and English Language Center, for organizing such a wonderful event spreading over five days, although the brainchild of the series of knowledge exchange events being conducted since the last academic year is none other than the college Dean, Dr. Azzah Al Maskari.

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