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mani4The snapshot of the international conference can be seen by clicking on the link below-

Snaps can be seen by clicking from the link below-

The abstracts published in various journals can be viewed from the links below-

Abstracts published in journals

conf-15204-1403851591-16 Abstract-1 conf-15204-1403856834-ABS – 22. Humanities – IJHSS – Organizations Perception of Internship Training Program for Higher Education in Oman-1

conf-15204-1403851591-16 Abstract-1










Yours truly had a wonderful experience while working with one peer and three senior colleagues in order to prepare and present three papers in the Majan College International Conference 2014, held at the Majan University College, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on the 8th and 9th of April 2014 respectively. The two-day knowledge sharing extravaganza having the theme “Oman Economy:Contributions from Higher Education” brought together academicians, researchers, students, practitioners and professionals from Oman and various other countries. The conference being organized and hosted by Majan University College in association of the University of Bedfordshire, UK, provided the August audience with lot of knowledge based food for thought.

Once the ceremonial inauguration was done at the August Hands of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammad Al Sarmi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman followed by the recitation of Holy Quran, the packed gathering at the Al Bustan Hall of Majan College were treated to fascinating key-note speeches by Dr. Amer Al-Rawas, CEO, Omantel and Prof. Paul Burns, senior academic leader from the University of Bedfordshire, UK. The former mesmerized the audience with his dynamic presentation in entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation and explained the nuances of being an entrepreneur by drawing illustrations from Oman, Gulf Cooperation Council Region, emerging and developed economies. The statistics presented along with the evolutionary roadmap of Omantel were eye-openers for many, including yours truly. It was evident that the entrepreneurial voyage for all the citizens of this excellent nation is lucrative, thanks to the policies and infrastructure related efforts continuously being put in by the government towards Small and Medium Enterprises, apart from the global behemoths.

Prof. Paul Burns presented the role of higher education in transforming the lives and economies of nations by providing extensive insights from a global perspective. His own example was a case in point of how higher education transformed the lives of a common man, although the beginning was very humble. He shared the latest transformations taking place in the higher education sector, thereby providing pointers for the audience to ponder upon.

The papers presented along with the complete details can be viewed from the following link-

Conference Schedule Majan

The conference schedule can also be downloaded from the link below-

The papers presented were-


Majan CONFERENCE  Certificates

Majan CONFERENCE Certificates

Majan 2

The presentations can be seen by clicking on the following links-

PPT Dr Azzah Mr Salim Dr Mani

Dr Mani and Mrs Reshma


Although, the conference targeted into various areas of Business, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology and Teaching-Learning, yours truly, along with his colleagues, opted to go for Teaching-Learning, the new-found interest area for research and publications. A special mention of the Acting Dean of Ibra College of Technology, Dr. Azzah Al Maskari needs to be made for this area being included as the latest domain for exploration and study.

Thanks are due to the organizers of the event, notably, Majan College and heartfelt gratitude to the Acting Dean and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Ibra College of Technology, Dr. Azzah Al Maskari, Mr. Salim Al Rashdi, Assistant Dean for Administrative and Academic Affairs, Ms. Reshma D’sa, Head of Section, Business Studies Department, Ibra College of Technology and Dr. V. Raghuraman, Lecturer-Business Studies, Ibra College of Technology, for their continuous motivation and active participation in the research work leading up to the presentation and publication of the papers.

Special thanks to the organizers, Dr. Tahseen in particular, for the wonderful knowledge feast and sincere gratitude to the college administration of Ibra College of Technology for motivating all the staff and students to participate in such developmental programs.

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