ICT-KO Collaboration kicks off in style

Snaps of ICT-KO event

Snaps of ICT-KO event




ICT-KO collaboration started on the 17th of June 2014 at the sprawling ICT campus located in the picturesque Ibra governorate of the Sultanate of Oman. The continuous backend persuasion and follow-up by yours truly and ADAF, Mr. Salim Al Rashdi, for the last one and half year has paid rich dividends for the student community of ICT. The volunteers of KO are always in the look out for opportunities to participate in knowledge sharing events, either through the real or the virtual means. Knowledge Ambassador, Dr. Munwar Hameed was deputed by the KO top management to present on the importance of CV to make the much needed shift in ones career development. The one hour plus seminar had active participation from the student community, as was evident from their evinced interest. Thanks are due to the KO Management, ICT administration, Mr. Siraj, HoD-Business for facilitating the event, ETC Head and Team members, responsible for the smooth conduct of the event. Dr. Raghuraman and Dr. HKS Kumar managed the registration and feedback sections. Yours truly being an active KO volunteer since 2009 in various capacities continues enjoying any and every association with this novel initiative, especially when knowledge shared is knowledge earned. It is indeed a proud privilege to be actively associated with this grand knowledge sharing platform that is a benchmark in itself. Long live KO!!!

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One Response to ICT-KO Collaboration kicks off in style

  1. Paul McGreavy says:

    Dear Dr Manishankar,

    I was interested to read your entry in the Knowledge Oman Facebook page regarding ICT – KO collaboration. I also took the liberty of accessing some of your blog entries and the associated attachments and have some comments:

    Firstly it is very pleasing to see that there is another trainer working in Oman who is developing some of the same approaches to education as ones on which I am working; it might be interesting to explore ways in which we can collaborate.

    After taking a look at your blogs about the KO collaboration, team teaching and best practice I would suggest three areas in which I might be able to support you:

    1. To further extend the impact of your training practice in order to develop participatory activity in workshops and to develop a more effective paradigm for teacher CPD.
    2. To offer support and guidance in the development of IT related presentation techniques in order to enhance your personal presentation style.
    3. To help you sharpen your already good written English in order to develop a concise business-like native speaker style.

    Should you be interested in discussing these ideas, please contact me at paul.mcgreavy@altakween.com and we can perhaps arrange to meet. You could take a look at my CV on LinkedIn to gauge my experience in the fields of education and training.

    Kind regards, Paul McGreavy

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