Edited Book by Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty with Two Chapters, ISBN 978-93-5142-965-4

Edited Book by Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

Edited Book by Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

It gives me immense pleasure to present my EDITED BOOK titled,“REVITALIZATION OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION”,along with fellow editors, Prof. B. Dutta and Prof. R.G. Saha.The book published by MTC Global, with ISBN 978-93-5142-965-4 consists of 17 chapters running into 445 pages. The book has articles contributed by leading academician, academic administrators and Quality Assurance Professionals in the Higher Education Sector. The insights combines the illuminated minds from India and the Gulf Cooperation Council to present a detailed snapshot on the need to revitalize the management education sector. There are two chapters authored by yours truly, viz. chapter number, 14 and 15, titled, “ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION FOR VARIOUS STAKEHOLDERS : PROMOTERS / INVESTORS ACADEMIC LEADERS (DIRECTORS/PRINCIPALS/DEANS ETC) FACULTY MEMBERS SUPPORT STAFF STUDENTS AND PARENTS EMPLOYERS REGULATORS / GOVERNMENT SOCIETY” and “PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION-A ROADMAP”. The collaborative effort of authoring with senior colleagues, Dr. Azzah Al Maskeri, Acting Dean and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman and Dr. Bamini Rajashekhran, Quality Assurance Expert, Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman, respectively, provided with first hand experiences in different areas pertaining to management education in particular. The book comes at an opportune time with Management Education globally going through trying times so as to reinvent itself as compared to other branches of study. The book costs only INR 475 and can be sought by emailing at emailmanishankar@gmail.com .

The snapshot of the book can be seen by clicking on the link below-

Edited Book by Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

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