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Arab Open University (AoU), Oman celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week on the 20th of November 2014. The event which is an yearly affair was conducted the same day and at the same time last year, apropos the address of the event coordinator, Dr. Kabaly P. Subramanian. After the customary introduction of the guests and the announcement of the program schedule it was the eloquent inaugural speech of Dr. Moosa Abdullah Al-Kindi, Director, AoU, Oman to stimulate the august audience as well as the guest speakers to be a part of the happening entrepreneurial voyage. It was followed by the first session where, Mrs. Wafa Al-Jabri, Managing Partner-Meshan International presented interesting insights to the curious prospective entrepreneur about her success story of branding dates with Unique Selling Propositions that can definitely be a marketer’s and entrepreneur’s delight. Her emphasis on passion, blended with determination, ability to generate positive word of mouth especially in a competitive marketplace formed the backbone of her start-up and culminated in attaining superlative heights in a short period of time. Being a student from the computer domain, entrepreneurship was never in her career radar, till she stumbled upon the untapped opportunity. The concept of a dates lounge with all services and associated products hovering around Omani dates, along with the list of the prestigious clients in the Sultanate of Oman, Gulf and the Middle east region and the rest of the world speaks volumes about the effort that was put into the Medium, Small, Micro Enterprise(MSME), which can definitely serve as a success story for all trainers, practitioners and wannabe entrepreneurs. Keeping up the momentum of women entrepreneurship, the second speaker, Mrs. Aisha Baabood, Executive Director, White Hands Center for Assistive Technology & Rehabilitation, took the audience by surprise when she disclosed that she had left her prestigious teaching job in the esteemed Sultan Qaboos University for knocking the entrepreneurial door the same day she relinquished her last assignment. The ability to convert her problems into opportunities not only to solve individual issues but also that of the society, the nation and the world at large happens to be bedrock of all successful entrepreneurs and Mrs. Aisha precisely did the same when she came out with viable solution not only to address her individual problem, but also bring in a revolution in the assistive technology and rehabilitation in the Sultanate of Oman. Metamorphosing from being a professor in English to a social entrepreneur that too in a domain where she had to acquire knowledge and experience through her personal happenings, apart from her willingness to go against all odds speaks volume about the commitment necessary for all entrepreneurs especially during the formative years of their venture. She emphasized on the importance of business collaboration, marketing skills, usage of proper medium so as to reach out to the target audience along with networking as the fulcrum for business success. After hearing from the horses mouth, the floor was ready for Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty, Faculty Member-Business Studies, Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman to take over the proceedings and explain the nuances of entrepreneurship as a career option. Right from discussing the career related bonanza, Dr. Chakraborty, shared some additional success stories of Salma-Aisha chocolate brands, serial entrepreneur Qais Al Khonji and start-up incubation specialist Sharifa Al Barami. The need to have a differential approach in understanding entrepreneurship as a course vis-à-vis others studied as part of academic programs was also discussed. The one day knowledge extravaganza was an all round success for all the major stakeholders involved in the grooming of entrepreneurs in the Sultanate of Oman. Kudos are due to all the staff members, notably, Dr. Kabaly, Dr. Rengaraj, Mr. Syed Sadullah and the management of Arab Open University, Oman involved in the ideation and implementation of such a wonderful event. The power point presentation of Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty can be seen by clicking on this link-

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