Sharakah Seminar @ ICT, Oman

Certificate of Staff of the Month for November 2014

Certificate of Staff of the Month for November 2014

It was indeed a great experience and learning to ideate, follow-up, plan and implement a knowledge centered seminar at ICT on the 24th of November 2014. The active collaboration and cooperation from Dean, Dr. Azzah Al Maskeri, Department Head, Dr. Siraj, Accounting Section Head, Dr. Ramesh, fellow coordinator, Mr. Munir and all my fellow colleagues and course tutors for entrepreneurship in Fall 2014-2015 semester needs a special mention. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Sharakah in general and Mr. Abdullah Jufaili, Mr. Mohamed Al Lawati and Mr. Khalid Al Rawahi in particular for making the program a grand success. Last, but not the least, the most important stakeholder or the major beneficiary, i.e. all the students pursuing entrepreneurship in this semester from the Business Studies, Information Technology and Engineering departments for their active and full fledged participation sans which the event would not have achieved the desired objective it was intended to. The preparation started soon after yours truly contacted the organization by leveraging the past relation and it should be admitted that Sharakah was positive right from the word go not only with this event but have also promised to conduct a focused workshop after the completion of the seminar as well as have a long term association with ICT to germinate emerging entrepreneurs from ICT. The two hours interactive session was presented in two phases by two eminent persona. Mr. Mohamed Al Lawati, Marketing Specialist presented the background of Sharakah and their contributions in fostering Small and Medium Enterprises in the Sultanate followed by a first hand experience sharing of an interesting and adventurous entrepreneurial voyage by Mr. Khalid Al Rawahi, founder cum Managing Director cum Chief Executive Officer of Wadi Samail Equipment. The participants were highly participative in the knowledge dissemination exercise as they were trying to relate the theoretical classroom learning from a practical standpoint. The presentation by Mr. Mohamed Al Lawati threw light on the following topics- A brief about Sharakah, Objectives of Sharakah, Services of Sharakah, Target market of Sharakah, Achievements till date, Success stories, Sharakah membership and association, Unique Propositions of Sharakah, Background of Entrepreneurship. The experience sharing of the success stories as well as the challenges faced by entrepreneurs across the Sultanate of Oman were of special interest to the learner as well as to the trainers. The planning and follow up on a continual basis since the last one month along with the aggressive marketing within the campus by aligning it with student assessments gave it a further boost, increasing participation from the 400 odd august audience. As they righty say, “Entrepreneurs are never born, they are made” and ICT in association with Sharakah is committed towards achieving it for the growth of the Omani economy. The first step has already been made in the right earnest.

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