Intercollegiate Student Research Paper Contest @ Ibri College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman

The certificate received can be seen from the link below-


It is always an enriching experience to guide students on projects, research work, publications, seminars, presentations as one gets to learn a lot while disseminating the knowledge and supervise it being applied first hand. This is primarily attributed to the interaction and application oriented mindset existing between the supervisor and the protege. A methodical, planned and systematic approach forms the precursor for such deliverable. Although, yours truly had been guiding students in various capacities, in the Sultanate, UAE and in India, the ones which bagged awards, especially owing to the unique collaboration between the guide and scholar served as a tool for the recognition of the efforts being put in by the researcher-supervisor duo, and has therefore been the perfect icing on the cake.

The intercollegiate research paper competition was an event conducted by the Business Studies Department of Ibri College of Technology, one of the seven colleges of technologies under the purview of the Ministry of Manpower, called for research papers on different areas of entrepreneurship. The research scholars, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Naafie and Mr. Naawaf Al Raajhi, Bachelor level students of Human Resource Management of Ibra College of Technology, decided to conduct a study under the supervision of  yours truly, on students perception about  entrepreneurship as a career option. The study was conducted while yours truly was coordinating and teaching the course entrepreneurship during Fall 2014-2015 semester. Although there were 19 sections comprising of students from the Business Studies, Engineering and Information Technology domain, the study considered only the two sections that was being taught by yours truly. The study provided important insight on the part of the various stakeholders so as to understand the mindset of prospective professionals in the aforesaid domains vis-a-vis their willingness to take an entrepreneurial plunge. The well planned study followed by the analysis, interpretation of the findings and submission of the paper bagged second prize in the coveted event. The first prize went to Shinas College of Technology and third prize winner were the hosts, Ibri College of Technology.

The event details can be observed from the following link-

Announcement for Intercollegiate Research Paper Contest

The complete paper can be seen from the following link-

Complete paper on A Study on the Student Perception towards Entrepreneurship as a Career Option, Ibra College of Technology

The award intimation can be seen below-

Intercollegiate Research Paper Competition

Intercollegiate Research Paper Competition

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