Community Service through Knowledge Oman- A Novel Initiative and a Great Platform for all Knowledge Providers and Knowledge Seekers

First Certificate of Appreciation from Founder and First President of Knowledge Oman
Recommendation Letter from Founder and First President of Knowledge Oman Recommendation letter from Second President of Knowledge Oman Second Certificate of Appreciation from Second President of KnoCommunity Service is the much needed initiative on the part of all individuals, mainly to create that perceptible shift within the society, to make it an inclusive one. Knowledge forms the backbone for one and all, right from a child to a geriatric citizen. “Knowledge Oman (KO) was formed in April 2008 as a mission to solidify the vision of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, to transform Oman into a Knowledge based society generating wealth of knowledge and contributing towards nation building”. Bringing together a volunteers of diverse nationality and profession, KO, provides the ideal opportunity for all knowledge related stakeholders to confluence freely in knowledge driven events, both virtual and real, having positive ramification for the society. Founded by the dynamic IT wonder boy of Oman, Tariq Al Barwani, First President along with a few more like-minded knowledge based professionals including but not limited to Khalfan Al Mahrazy, former Vice President and Rym Aoudia, Present President of KO, the platform is an ideal instance of a virtual community centered organization, that brings together minds of different spectrum with the sole objective of knowledge transfer in the larger interest to the Omani society. The organization which started with a few members in 2008 now boasts of hundreds of volunteers remotely controlled with the common goal of knowledge sharing. The organization has many national, regional and global awards in its kitty and the details of the initiatives and all other allied information can be seen at  and .

Yours truly donned several roles right from March 2009 from community coordinator, social media coordinator to knowledge ambassador and contributed articles related to business, management, entrepreneurship, leadership, career management, life and soft skills, apart from participating in radio talk shows and collaborating in a case study on the unique business model of KO, with Rym Aoudia. It is indeed an honor to contribute towards the magnificent Omani society while collaborating with fascinating peers from all walks of life oriented towards the objective of building a knowledge driven society. Thank-you KO for the wonderful opportunity!!

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