The ICT journey @ Oman (March 2009 to July 2015)


Recommendation Letter from the Dean of Ibra College of Technology Oman

Letter of Recommendation from Malek Al Zakwani Assistant Dean for Student AffairsLast letter from the Superior



The journey commenced from the the month of March in the year 2009. Although, yours truly was familiar with working in the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) through the past assignment with a knowledge transfer company in Dubai, teaching assignment in the region was comparatively a first of its kind. The experience of teaching back in different parts of India along with the training and consulting assignment in Dubai, definitely helped and the same was evident during the final telephonic interview, when the trio of Head of Department and Head of Sections were convinced while grading excellent, after being selected by the Omani Ministry of Manpower team in Mumbai, India.

Final round of Interview round of selection, Telephonically

The dynamic teaching assignment was an enriching one ,with reaching out to the students at various levels, viz. Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor, along with varied extracurricular responsibilities like On Job Training, Enrichment Training, Advising and other academic administration roles to name a few. The opportunities offered in terms of in-house staff training on academic and non-academic topics (initiated by Dr. Azzah Al Maskeri, Acting Dean and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs), ability to present papers in Oman and across the Middle-east and North Africa(MENA)region, in-house research and regional and global publications, were some of the unique learning platforms offered by Ibra College of Technology (ICT), Oman. Rubbing shoulders with colleagues from Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, United Kingdom, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Canada, Australia, Albania, Russia apart from India, were some other learning take-aways as every individual provided with some food for thought especially when it came to personal or professional enrichment. Contributing through various college level and department level committees, teaching a total of 21 courses, namely, Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Financial Institution and Service, Job Search Technique, Business Communication, Total Quality Management, Recruitment and Selection, Business Ethics, Management of Diversity, Insurance, Employee Relations, Entrepreneurship, Performance Appraisal and Productivity, Senior Project, Graduation Project, Teamwork Management, Strategic Management, Principles of Management, Compensation and Benefit, Human Resource Information System, to name a few contributed to the knowledge base of yours truly. The societal contribution through articles in the leading daily of Oman, Times of Oman and through Knowledge Oman as Knowledge Ambassador, not to forget the personal social media platforms provided with an opportunity to give back to the society as well as taste new horizons. Although every staff members contributed in some way or the other at some point of time, one needs to acknowledge few names who played a decisive role in the overall performance of yours truly. They were- Dr. Azzah Al Maskeri, Mr. Salim Al Rashdi, Dr. Khalid Ambusaidi, Dr. Abdullah Al Maskeri, Dr. Qasim, Mrs.Ghadna Al Maskery, Mrs, Fatma Al Harthy, Mr. Hafedh Al Rawahi, Mr. Badar Al Shabibi, Mr. Malek Al Zakwani, Mr. Salim Bani Orabah, Mr. Yousuf Al Rawahi, Mr. Abdullah Al Touqi,Mr. Majid Al Rashdi, Mr. Abdul Jaleel, Mrs. Reshma D’sa, Mr. Vaseem, Mr. Syed Sadullah Hussainy, Mr. Abdulla Thanser, Dr. Siraj,Ms. Mary Pauline Santos, Dr. Sarangapani, Mr. Subir, Dr. Raghuraman, Mr. Munir, Dr. Kumar, Mr. Robin Rohit, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Mr. Sheikh Mannan Jani respectively. Although the journey came to an end after six and a half years approximately on the 9th of July 2015, owing to better career opportunity, ICT definitely ranked right up there with my esteemed employers till date, that included Asian Paints, Cipla, ICFAI, DMSR-TCSW and Knowledge Horizon. In line with the motto of learning through every opportunity the employer provides, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or subconsciously, yours truly was able to extract maximum learning takeaways from the esteemed organization. How much the institution could derive from yours truly, is for the management to analyze.

The sojourn in Oman provided first hand experience to empathize with the experience of a new life from the jaws of death, when yours truly met with a road accident on June 2014. It was the second time that the fine line between life and death was witnessed, the first one being Mumbai Floods way back in 2004. The almighty was kind enough to bless with a new life and mere words cannot explain the gratitude owed to him. It taught the importance of spirituality and took yours truly closer to the almighty. This was the only blot in an otherwise grand and rich experience. However, the blot is compensated when one derives the learning from the episode which provides with the actual realization of the truth of life, that quite often gets subdued or blurred in our materialistic approaches.

The enriching experience while interacting with ever-helping and gentle Omanis with the intention of live and let live, makes one realize the importance of healthy co-existence irrespective of diversities. Great lessons were learnt in this regard from this wonderful country and its warm and hospitable people, which makes it a confluence in the GCC. The students provided with situations which turned around the persona in terms of patience, perseverance, empathy, teamwork, societal needs, nation building to name a few.

The assignment when clubbed with the past work experiences made a perfect blend of bringing together professional aspect with a personal touch, where human relations forms the fulcrum for everything. Managing human relations with people from different background, calls for understanding their likes and dislikes and accordingly aligning self, commensurate with specific situations. Therefore, the takeaways were aplenty which will definitely take some time to soak in, however, the need based implementation of the aforesaid attributes derived from the ICT voyage would definitely open up newer vistas for yours truly as an individual and also for the teaching-learning community at large.

This is also an opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Omani society, the wonderful country and its people, Knowledge Oman and all its volunteers, Times of Oman family, Bahwan Cybertek, for providing with important learning takeaways that would put yours truly on a good stead in the near future.

However, as they say , learning is a journey and not a destination , the ICT takeaways would only enable to reach greater heights in serving the humankind, through the noble profession of teaching and learning.

The farewell video(courtesy Ms. Mary Pauline Santos) can be seen in the link below-

Most of the contributions during the stint as part of core and value added responsibilities can be seen from the links below-

Research Gate




Certificate of Staff of the Month for November 2014

Certificate of Staff of the Month for November 2014

Dr Khalid Certificate

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