Article titled, Modi and Dhoni-A Comparison of Leadership Styles, published in Tripura Times, dated,25th of November 2016

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Modi and Dhoni-Personality Comparison from Leadership Perspective 

Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

Narendra Modi like Mahendra Singh Dhoni has this uncanny ability of pulling out a rabbit from a hat! Both of them are prime examples of the fact that leaders are not born, they are made. Dhoni had a humble beginning and found his way into the cricketing folklore on the basis of sheer determination, perseverance and hard work. The same can be said of Modi, who had a very normal middle-class upstart to his political career only to reach the crescendo on the basis of grit, fearless attitude and patience. Both are true opportunists, as they know how to smell out the same to differentiate as a leader, from the so called challenges or difficulties referred by a common man. The true character of a leader who would like to make it large, is to keep the audience guessing about the next move and both Modi and Dhoni fits the bill in that regard. Adds, Mohanlal Jangir, an investment and insurance consultant in Nagpur, “Modi and Dhoni resembles like siblings, with regards to their moves, although, even identical or fraternal twins does not make the same move, despite looking alike”. It is their genetic trait to measure up situations and read the opponent precisely even before others are undergoing the process of due-diligence.

The test to the courageous decisions taken by both of them could be the ICCT20 World Cup in South Africa, where, Dhoni gave the last over to a new bowler against Pakistan in a final, thereby trusting his gut feel to the core. Similarly, he came down to lead his team to win the World Cup in Mumbai in a position which was not his, and everyone was expecting Yuvraj to come into bat. Modi too has shown such uncertainties, however, whether his moves had a positive bearing on the overall situation, can only be realized at a later point in time, as it is still a work in progress. One was his surprise visit to greet Pakistani Prime Minister during the latter’s birthday, while on the way back from Afghanistan, and the second decision was the demonetization move, which happens to be the modern day talking point for all Indians, wherever they are. Even his invitation sent to all SAARC neighbors during the swearing in ceremony was an unexpected gesture.

Modi and Dhoni commands respect from their team members solely on the basis of their never say die spirit and the ability to get the best from even average individuals. The period of transition when they move over to the helm of affairs, they are often not seen to be in the same page as that of their senior colleagues, mainly due to their invigorated mindset. Examples could be L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, or even Sourav Ganguly and Virendra Sehwag, who had fallen out of Modi’s and Dhoni’s favor at one point in time. On the top of that both of them have excellent work ethics, which enables them to show others the way of doing things, in a perfect manner.  They are willing to walk the extra mile to sharpen their professional axe and are always in the lookout to enhance their professional repertoire. They are never hesitant in speaking out their mind in issues related to the welfare of their team or the cause they are trying to champion. They are at times referred to as arrogant displaying “my way or highway” kind of behavior, however, it is their self-belief that makes them take such steps, even when the world around thinks otherwise. Both of them have an impeccable ability to give attention even to the minutest details, while finalizing processes, and this is one of the reason why they rely strongly on their gut feelings. They do have a habit of playing to the galleries at times, making them popular and also having a strong base of followers, however, they play in that fashion only when they are certain of accomplishing their goals. Till the time they are not confident whether they would be reaching their target, they would grind with ferocious determination. Modi and Dhoni take utmost care of their physical and mental health as they realize they need solid companionship of both these aspects, not only as a leader, but also as part of that elite team. In spite of being workaholic to the core, Modi and Dhoni knows very well, when to switch on and switch off, and that allow them to keep their mental and physical state afresh, always. Their body language is deceptive, as they hardly show emotions in the manner one who would expect, especially during crests and troughs. This makes their rival’s job even difficult to study their prospective strategies, which are forthcoming. Their assertive behavior at times is reflected in a negative manner to the audience, as they pick and choose when to react and when not to react to public mood. They are the ones who are least bothered by media comments and they never deviate on the basis of such analysis and comments. They are the ones who take a decision and stick to it, even during the hardships or trying times. They are not the ones to roll back or get into a blame game, when their own strategies that has been implemented, encounters a failure. They are well prepared in advance while taking a gamble that they stand chance to earn bouquets or brickbats. Their willingness to bring in radical changes or results never experienced before, makes them resemble like an autocrat as it calls for doing things differently, hitherto unseen. They never carry mental baggage with them as a result of which they are always fresh for any challenges. They have their feet firmly entrenched to the ground in equal measure, during wins and losses and therefore, either of them does not make much of an impact for them. They come to the scene all of a sudden from nowhere, and make their exit in a similar fashion, implanting their solid trademark in whatever they do. They may not have a very good succession plan, however, their strong personality makes many imitators who are willing to grow by following their footsteps as role models. After all cricket and politics are two sides of the same coin for Indians!

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