Article on The Hitavada, Leading English Daily in Central India, dated, 14th February 2017, titled, Teaching by Choice or by Chance?



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Teaching by Chance or by Choice?

 Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty

Senior Teaching and Learning Expert based in the Middle-East



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 Sample the following instances, Oindrila lost her job owing to the company restructuring her employer was undergoing, so as to face the turbulent economic environment. She was working as a HR specialist and therefore, wanted to get a job in the same domain. Since, she wasn’t getting a suitable opening matching her function, location and company, she took up teaching as a stop gap career option. Malliya on the other hand left her plum posting as a learning and development specialist in a reputed company, only to pursue her teaching passion as a career. Both of them took a severe beating in their emoluments and career growth (albeit in the short run for the latter), owing to the changes made in their respective career landscapes. However, the career graph subsequently, changed solely on the basis of the causative agent that brought in the change. Oindrila did not get a HR related job for the next three years and therefore, languished in her career only to earn his livelihood, devoid of drive, motivation and zeal. Malliya on the other hand got a special stimulation and enthusiasm within herself that enabled her to take rapid strides in her new found career option, only to rise up the ladder pretty fast. She moved northwards in terms of pay packet, experience, job profile and was also being frequently tempted and poached by her rival to join them with a premium from her existing pay packet and profile. She however declined all the offers, as she believed in a holistic career move, only after deriving maximum leverage from her existing assignment. Both of them continued their careers in teaching owing to situational dynamics, however, while one kept on gaining accolades, the other kept on cursing herself for choosing such an option.  Reasons for this difference is not difficult to fathom, one joined the profession by chance and the other by choice. Opines Seemanti Ray, an accomplished teacher in a renowned convent school of Kolkata and an alumni in International Relations from Saint Xaviers, Kolkata, “Teaching for me is the first love, everything else comes second. The mere thought of changing my profession, only for a few more thousands gives me sleepless nights, as the love, affection, satisfaction and learning, I derive from the profession are second to none”.  A teacher by choice would dedicate his or life for the sake of career, as the individual concerned gets complete solace from his or her endeavor. When the government is giving a special thrust to skill India, it is important to understand the catalyst who would revolutionize the change. It’s definitely going to be the teachers, trainers or the facilitators, and if this lot is not the one who have opted for the profession out of choice and have instead joined it as a bandwagon by chance, they would not be able to envision the dream of the Prime Minister of making India, the global power house of Quality Human Capital.

Teaching as a career option cannot be driven on the basis of monetary drivers alone, nor can it run on the basis of degrees like Bachelor in Education and so forth, the real champions of this industry are those, who have the flair to bring in that metamorphosis by teaching, learning, writing and knowledge sharing. Money would be the last thing in their priority list, as their professional appetite needs other stimulators to quench the thirst of professional growth. Adds, Uma Bhattacharya, Secretary of a diversified Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education Behemoth of Bengal, “I look for teaching and learning professionals, who wear their professional pursuit and excellence up their sleeves and have a pride in presenting their profession, through their deeds, rather than on the basis of mere lip-service”. Teachers being the societal agent of change, it is indeed a shocker for a country like India to have a mass joining this sector, more by chance than  by choice. The reasons although are manifold, and one should also blame the regulatory bodies for not amending the rules in a way that can facilitate pool in resources from the private sector, without commercializing the industry (primary, secondary and tertiary education) to the extent, where only money can fetch education. Meritocracy should have an upper hand undoubtedly, and it would be apt to customize the western model of private and public universities and institutions of education, even in India.

Teachers who are part of the journey called change, realize that the career is highly fulfilling not only for him or her, but for his surrounding as well, as he is able to influence and also get influenced by the environment, and all the stakeholders therein. Dr. Lalit Khullar, Director of Tirpude Institute of Management Education, Nagpur, firms it up when he says, “Teaching as a career is the only profession, wherein one can change lives, and as a change agent is fortunate enough to witness the result of the efforts blossoming into careers and citizens. Teaching therefore, is not a career to earn money, it ensures you earn a life out of it”. It is indeed apt for yours truly, to admit the fact that, it was this teacher from his post graduation alma-mater, who had shown in the seeds of teaching, and when the decision to make this radical shift to move from Industry to Teaching was made, there were lot of creased foreheads, as nobody was certain about the rationale, especially when the career in the corporate was up and flying. It was only the inner belief, the passion and the conviction to be a teacher by choice, and not by chance that drove the spirits to earn satisfaction from the life at its fullest. Looking back, there is no regrets, as one can safely say, Teacher has acquaintances everywhere, as his pupils are spread all over the geography encompassing all sectors and walks of life. It’s just the question of reaching out to them with that introduction, of being the agent for what they are today and rest as they say is indeed history. Being a teacher by choice is need of the hour, the decision to see the bigger picture or to get embroiled in the myopic one of instant financial benefit and momentary luxuries rests completely with you!

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