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Why should Tripura have a ranking system for the Healthcare and the Education Sector?

It is indeed praiseworthy to note that the Government of Tripura is taking and innovating steps towards development. Healthcare and Education being two key sectors, how about having a ranking mechanism therein? Read more from the article published in Tripura … Continue reading

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Appreciation by ACBSP for being a reviewer in Region 8 Conference held in Morocco in 2017

Thank-you ACBSP for the wonderful opportunity and the rich experience derived while reviewing research papers. The PDF format can be downloaded from the link below- MC Reviewer Thanks rev_       Other knowledge resources from the same blogger- BLOGS … Continue reading

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Article in Tripura Observer dated 6th April 2018, titled, Time for the Masses to rally around the new Leadership of Tripura

It is indeed time for one and all to provide full fledged support to the new leadership of Tripura. This is all the more important to make Tripura one of the leading states not only in the North Eastern part … Continue reading

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Certified First Aider

It was indeed to be a certified first aider from a prestigious international body. Thanks to my employer. It provides an opportunity to contribute towards the humanity and also enhance the scope of the professional acumen that can be gathered … Continue reading

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Contribution during Innovation Student’s Work

It was indeed a great experience to observe, analyze and provide feedback on some of the best innovative projects done by the students of Engineering, Computer and Information System, Education and Business. The work showcased out of the box thinking … Continue reading

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Contribution during Biannual Academic Forum on 11th of January 2018

The P.I.E. (Productization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) was the theme for Spring 2018 Academic Forum held on the DMC, Dubai on the 11th of January 2018. A galaxy of professionals from UAE, USA and diversified professionals from HCT presented on P.I.E. … Continue reading

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Contribution during Research Day on the 10th of January 2018

It was indeed fascinating to present during the research day on the 10th of January 2018, immediately after spending a refreshing winter vacation in India. Yours truly presented on ways of collaborating with local companies to develop learning resources that … Continue reading

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