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Why should Tripura have a ranking system for the Healthcare and the Education Sector?

It is indeed praiseworthy to note that the Government of Tripura is taking and innovating steps towards development. Healthcare and Education being two key sectors, how about having a ranking mechanism therein? Read more from the article published in Tripura … Continue reading

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Article on “A Proposal to revamp the Healthcare Sector of Tripura”, published in Tripura Times dated 3rd of October 2016

Read the article or the click the link below, alternatively, you can also see it in http://www.tripuratimes.com/Default2.aspx   3rd-october-article   Other knowledge resources from the same blogger- BLOGS http://www.manishankarthetrainer.blogspot.com http://www.manishankarscribbles.wordpress.com MICRO BLOG http://www.twitter.com/manitwitts FACE BOOK PAGES ON KNOWLEDGE SHARING, TEACHING ANDLEARNING  https://www.facebook.com/manitheblogger/ http://www.facebook.com/DrManisPageContinue reading

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Article on why Tripuraites should stop blaming the State Government of Tripura or the Central Government in Delhi for Healthcare state of affairs?

Read the details below publsihed in Tripura Times, dated 1st of October 2016, or else, visit http://www.tripuratimes.com/Default2.aspx  

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